Hello and welcome.

This is a website built mostly so I can point interested parties at my writing all at once, instead of sending them bouncing from one website to another, trying to remember three or four different accounts with slightly varying pen names, etc.

This page, for the time being, will be fairly skeletal, simply displaying raw text for your enjoyment, though at some point I may learn how to put in tagging, comments, all mod cons...or maybe not.

The writings are broadly categorized by which pen name they're published (I mean, not really published, per se, but "posted online" doesn't sound right) under, and as such, that is how they are presented below.

A number of these pieces contain explicit sexual material. Please only view this website if above the age of majority in your home territory.

H. Wren D'Arcy

The Sophisticated Smutmonger
(and They Who Hammer On Code Like
A Caveperson Until It Sorta Works)

There are only two projects here (not counting microfiction), but they are the ones to which most of my energies are devoted these days. The first is a series of queer erotic romances (one complete, two further planned) in a fantasy setting where the empire has peacefully transitioned to representational democracy, leaving the idle nobility to pine for each other with minimal sociopolitical fallout. The other is my first video game project, somewhere between a text adventure and a visual novel in content. It is extremely shitposty. I should be working on it right now instead of writing this.

Violet D'Arcy

The Short-Order Fanfiction Cook

In the early 2010s, after an extended layoff from creative writing, I began to sign up for the Yuletide fanfiction exchange as a way to kickstart my writing---getting prompts from other people and then doing my best to fulfil them. This has worked, to varying degrees, and a number of these stories I would count among my best---those being the ones ported from my AO3 account ( to here.

Cam G. D'Arcy

The Rather-Less-Sophisticated Furry Smutmonger

Cam has only one series to their credit, but it is the longest-running of anything here, having been worked on off and on since 2010. Itself initially a parodic noir pastiche, the adventures of Jack Crane (billed as "100% Fox. 110% Man.") have since become a rather delightful excuse to think about being back on the east coast and to try and make Crane's early-1990s New York City as real as the one the author had lived near and visited in the period.